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Are you tired of traditional dinner, retirement, bachelorette, birthday parties? Get togethers with your friends should not be boring or mundane. Why not entertain your friends and spice up your night by hosting a Sinvention In-Store Toy Party right here at Sinvention?

Everyone loves to get together with their girlfriends to laugh, let loose, and have fun. There is nothing more cathartic than being surrounded by friends you love. Why not up the ante and host an adult party for you and your friends? More entertaining and risqué than the traditional dinner party or movie night, adult parties provide fun and light-hearted entertainment that is guaranteed to spice up the typical night out.

Having your party here at our retail store means that you have an unparalelled selection of toys and goodies that no home party could ever provide! We will present to you and your friends the latest and most popular adult toys, edible creams, books, games, lingerie, and more. Your friends will enjoy an exciting night of fun and debauchery. For convenience, Sinvention offers cash-and-carry allowing guests to take home their favorite items the night of the party.

Dedicated to bringing couples closer together through intimacy and sexual education, Sinvention provides women with the tips and items they need to enhance their relationships with their partners.

We make it easy and fun, without all the cleanup and fuss!

Leave the organizing and clean up to us!  Unlike hosting a "Home Party", we offer you a private and safe space right here in our retail shop and factory. You will be very pleased with our carefully curated high quality products. Not only will Sinvention impart important information on sex toys, improving relationships using your new toys, and perhaps some new ideas for in the bedroom, we also offer great products that will some gusto to your love life. Every Sinveniton in-store party host will receive gifts based on sales. Unlike most home sex toy parties, you will avoid the hassle of waiting for a shipment as all toys are instock to take away with you that night! A Sinvention Toy Party will allow you to explore sensuality and sexuality from a whole new perspective.

Leave it to us!

Contact us today to discuss your party ideas! We can arrange for catering from local chefs and more!

1-519-273-3737 Ask for Julie!

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