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Girls, Guns and Rope

Girls, Guns and Rope
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Product Code: 9783938029046
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This is the world of Josef Botello, where curvaceous raven-haired beauties adorned in lace-top stockings and crisscrossed with loops of bondage rope wield 9mm automatics and wicked-looking hunting knives...

A girl sleeps peacefully in a rumpled bed, one hand lovingly placed on the barrel of an SKS assault rifle; another, in high-top boots, sits astride a kitchen counter with an AK-47. Tied and blindfolded, helpless and yet strangely powerful, or in full sex-crazed goddess mode and packing half of the National Armory, these girls have one thing in common -- they are all ready for anything! Botello's fascination with the seductive curves of his ladies and the hard lines of a gun, a rope or a knife is given full expression in this kinky celebration of everything Texan. Guns, babes and restraints are in gloriously raw black and white!

Femme Fatales Vol. 15 No. 3

"Three extremely naughty tastes go great together in this wickedly hot book of erotic photography by Josef Botello. A parade of sizzling dark-haired beauties get their kicks by disrobing, getting all sweaty, tangling themselves up in all manner of knotted leather and rope, and fondling, licking and caressing firearms. Sometimes a gun is just a gun...this isn't one of those times."


"...should be given a careful look by fans of the female form and photography that refuses to play it safe." -- Mondopopsickle, May 2006

"Bondage and fetish lovers will surely enjoy this book, and stocking lovers do not go out empty-handed." -- Laufmasche Magazine No. 28

"The photographer skillfully combines the weapon fetish with the beloved bondage." -- Marquis Magazine No. 38

"These gorgeous dames are agents provocateur like you wouldn't believe... I challenge you to thumb through this book without drooling." -- Eros Zine, May 2, 2006  

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