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Brand: Manufacturer
Product Code: SWE01
Price: $1,100.00CAD
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We are very excited to offer our customers a new option in premium quality male chastity cages! This is a new modestly priced cage from the very talented guys over at STEELWERKS EXTREME located in Montreal, Canada.

If you want your boy locked in place 24/7 without any means of escape, penetration or sexual gratification, this is THE device for you!

Like all of the Custom steelwerksextreme cages, this new budget chastity cage is completely made from 316L stainless, making it impenetrable as well as unbreakable. Unlike other devices on the market, your boy won't be able to snip, crack, cut or even break this device off! If he doesn't have the key he isn't getting out!

By removing the option of customization for this specific design. They took the most commonly ordered sizes from their custom cages and narrowed them down to what they felt were the best sizes for most customers. The options for this chastity cage are the support cock ring sizes and the ability to encorporate our locking P.A. ring.

More about the cage and their design: over the years, the boys at SteelwerksExtreme have incorporated many different locking mechanisms in our chastity devices. Although a generic master padlock seemed to be the most popular, the common complaint was the long term durability of these locks. These locks are not meant to be soaked in water on a daily basis... As you can imagine, wearing a long term chastity device will cause the lock to come in contact with all sort of wet situations, such as everyday hygiene, going to the bathroom, even swimming in the ocean. Within about a month, you can most likely kiss your lock goodbye! The other complaint was the weight and bulk of a standard lock - there's nothing worse than walking into the office while having your padlock bouncing on and off your chastity cage!!!

A little bit of engineering and the SteelwerksExtreme team came up with a solution! Since the beginning of 2006 they have been using their now famous Steelwerks chastity screws. The simplicity of their screw means no more worries of getting a rusted lock stuck on your cage or the fear of your musical cock at the office. Plain and simply... use their trademarked chastity screwdriver to install and remove your chastity screw from your cage.

Cage Specifications:

1) there are four different sizes available for the support cock ring:
    1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4" & 1 7/8"

2) the inner diameter of the tube is 1 3/8"

3) the length of the tube [from abdomen] is 3 1/2".

4) the scrotal gap is 3/4"

5) the P.A. hole is 1/4"

Another important element taken into consideration of our new design was the longterm wearability: the chastity cage was designed to not only be lightweight but also the most hygienically clean cage on the market today.

Unlike plastic and cast metals, we machine all of our parts from solid billet stainless steel. Casting both metals and plastics can cause porosity resulting in impuriites in the metal as well as tiny pockets for bacteria to collect and grow in. Once machined, each and every component involved in our cages is hand-polished to immaculate perfection, further increasing a smooth, comfortable and bacteria-free finish. 

So when you receive your order, what's in the box? Well it's not actually a box... Your chastity cage will be gently wrapped in a protective velvet pouch. In that pouch you will get the complete basic package which includes the cage with the support cock ring, one screwdriver and one screw. If you require additional screws or extra screwdrivers please let us know.

Everything STEELWERKS makes is hand made in Canada, one at a time, no assembly line third world slave labor, just our their own labor of love, sweat and tears, with an emphasis on artistry and perfection.


Average turnaround time on orders is 3 to 4 weeks from the date that payment is received. Also, it is important that our clients understand that since STEELWERKS is a custom manufacturer, delays can happen if large/special orders come in at the same time. Customers are always updated on the status of their order if such a delay occurs.




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